Copyright Info

Photographic works are protected by US and International Copyright law. And while self proclaimed web marketing gurus hope to profit by telling you how to get the work others create for free or close to it, this bad advice could lead to your breaking the law and cost you big. Copyright law exists regardless of what the uninformed may advise.

Photographers, as with most all creators, earn their living by licensing the right to use the work they have created. When deprived of that right by various subterfuges and false assumptions, we cannot fund the cost of creating new work. That is why the copyright laws were enacted in the first place.

If you feel the need to share one of my images, feel free to post a link to where the image appears here on this site, or my main photography website.  This is actually encouraged and legal.  It is not, however, legal to download the images and repost them.  That, regardless of what others may be doing or recommend, is a violation of copyright law.

While it may go against the current mantra that the path to success is to give your work away for the exposure you might gain, I don’t believe it is in my best interest to follow those who are racing toward the egde of a cliff.

I rarely, if ever, allow free use of my work.

For information on licensing images seen on this site, contact me. My contact info is available on my website.  Much of my work can also be licensed through my separate stock photography website.

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