Music and Entertainment Photography

An essential part of a photo is what it communicates, and this won’t happen without some thought, planning, and hard work.  No where is this more true than in portraits for musicians.  The image has to communicate what the music is about and motivate the viewer to pick up the CD and listen (or click the link as is the case today).  When the image doesn’t do that, no amount of savings on the photoshoot is worth the loss of sales.

I will tell you more about this photo soon.  It is part of a larger project I am working on currently.  The work I have done in the music industry has to be one of my favorite things to do as I’m working with other artists and doing so pushes creativity to new levels.

Entertainment photographer

Portrait of a musician, copyright Mark Stout

Music Photography

This is the second post from the shoot I did last weekend with the singer.  I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed doing this shoot, and how much I am loving doing the post production on the shots.  The passion burning behind his creativity was clearly visible in every move, pose and shot.  And that is what I worked to highlight and capture.

This shot also serves as a classic example on why it is so important to use off camera lighting even on outdoor shoots where you would think the sun would do the job for you.  The highlight and shadow on the singer, as well as the difference in exposure values between the subject and background that makes him “pop” out of the background and rivets the viewers attention where you want it… on the singer… was created by battery powered strobes to camera left and right.  Without them, the shot would be flat, boring and lifeless.

My music photography galley on my site has not been updated since I did the overhaul on my website a few years back and is still the old format.  I need to remedy that one day, but do contact me if you need some over the top live music photography, or promotional photos that will make people HAVE to come to your shows or buy your CD.

Denver photographer

Portrait of a musician, copyright Mark Stout, all rights reserved

Entertainment Photographer

I spent many years of my photography career working with musicians, entertainers and actors.  I still find it an intense joy to work with other artists.

This photo was from a shoot last Sunday with a singer.  When the creativity of us both was combined, we brought out more in the resulting image than either of us hoped for.  Please visit my entertainment photographer site.

Denver photographer

Promotional photo of a singer, copyright Mark Stout, all rights reserved

Entertainment photographer – Portrait of a Jazz Musician

I shot this portrait of a jazz musician last Sunday and wanted to share it with you.  I still have roots in the music industry and love it when the opportunity presents to do more music photography.  These employed new techniques I have been perfecting on blending exposure and color during both the shoot and in post production … and while with all good work the trickery is not visible, the quality of light and color could not reach this level without it.

Music Photographer

Portrait of a Jazz musician shot at night – Copyright Mark Stout

Also, here is a black and white version of the same image.

music photographer

Music photography by Mark Stout – copyrighted, do not repost of use without prior written permission

Please !

Entertainment Photographer

My photographic roots are heavily embedded in the music and entertainment industry and I have had the honor of working with some of the most notable celebrities in the business.  It is always a joy when I get the opportunity to work with performing artists.  These shots are from a recent shoot I did for DJ Sean O’Grady who is, among other things, the resident DJ at Tracks nightclub.

Music photographer

Entertainment photographer, DJ Sean O'Grady - copyright Mark Stout

Music photography, DJ Sean O'grady

Entertainment photography, DJ Sean O'Grady at Tracks - Copyright Mark Stout

DJ Sean O'Grady at Tracks

DJ Sean O'Grady at Tracks, copyright Mark Stout

DJ photo

Entertainment photographer Copyright Mark Stout Photography

entertainment photographer

Denver entertainment photographer, copyright Mark Stout Photography

Music photographer

I continue to have a steady flow of music photography clients… and it is always a joy to do music photoshoots.  It gives me the opportunity to work with highly creative people and when you put a creative with a creative the result is fun and magic.

This last shoot was a new twist for me.  It is the first time I have worked with a music composer.  The shoot will be used for his press kit.  I’m sharing two of the shots I like with you here.

Denver music photographer

Entertainment photographer - copyright Mark Stout

Entertainment photography

Denver music photography - copyright Mark Stout Photography

Entertainment Photography

This was a fun shoot for a dancer out of Los Angeles who came to Denver to shoot with me.  Due to the flight schedules, we worked through the night… which made for  very long day that I still feel the effects of 🙂  But it was fun.  As the shoot went on, we had the city almost completely to ourselves.  I am posting both a black and white and color version of this shot. You can see more of my work in the entertainment industry in the music and entertainment photography gallery.

Male dancer at night

A male dancer at night - copyright Mark Stout Photography

Cover Photo Shoot for Music CD

Last week I worked with Adrienne Osborn on a photoshoot for the cover of her new CD.  A considerable amount of time went into really listening to the music to get a feel for what it communicated.  Some songs seemed to suggest one direction, some another.  I kept coming back to her song, “One”.  Though different, it seemed to be the all embracing composition and message: that there is more than we can see or touch, an expansive universe, a power beyond the material world.

A location came to mind and once it did I couldn’t shake it. I thought Adrienne would think I was nuts when I told her we would be driving over 250 miles to the location…  She didn’t.

This video doesn’t class as a typical music video, or as one of the typical photo shoot in progress videos that have become popular.  It is an effort to show the journey to the CD cover photo, both in miles and in the evolution of thought. Please note, at this time we do not know which photo will be used for the cover, or the name of the CD.  Visit Adrienne’s site for updates, Spontaneous Thin Air Radio

This is set to the music of Adrienne’s song, One. A slide show of some of the photos from the shoot and a clean cut of One follow the main portion of the video.

Backstage With America – 40th Anniversary Tour, Hudson Gardens Denver

Due to the sold out show and anticipated problems getting through the crowd to the stage area, I was advised to arrive at the America concert 3 hours ahead of time.  Fortunately I did so and even that far ahead of the show, I found myself pushing my way through crowds that had gathered in front of the gates.  I thought I would be bored waiting for the show, but had forgotten how much fun it can be back stage, seeing old friends, meeting new people and watching as all the work unfolds.

I have collected together a few of the backstage photos to give you a flavor of what it is like to be backstage at an outdoor concert while the show is being set up.  I will be posting photos of the America concert itself soon.

America Concert Dressing Room 40th Anniversary Tour

America Concert Dressing Room 40th Anniversary Tour - Copyright Mark Stout

right: Crowd at the America Concert Left: Drummer and Michael Beckley, Gerry Beckley's brother - Copyright Mark Stout

Left: Crowd gathers at America Concert, Right Wil Leacox, Drummer and Michael Beckley, Gerry Beckley's brother - Copyright Mark Stout

Left: Dewey Bunnell with Daughter Loren, Right: Michael Beckley with his wife

Left: Dewey Bunnell with Daughter Loren, Right: Michael Beckley with his wife - Copyright Mark Stout

Gerry Beckley, America, concert at Hudson Gardens

Gerry Beckley with friends backstage at the Hudson Gardens concert during their 40th Anniversary Tour - Copyright Mark Stout

Backstage with Dewey Bunnell and Gerry Beckley

Left: Dewey Bunnell, Jeff Worrell (front of house sound engineer) and Gerry Beckley, Right : Dewey and Gerry posing for pictures with a friend - Copyright Mark Stout

America 40th Anniversary Tour

Left: Guitar tech Bill Worrell tunes a guitar, Right: Hudson Gardens Staff hold an umbrella over Dewey Bunnell and the band as they climb to the stage - copyright Mark Stout

America Concert, fireworks at Hudson Gardens

Left: A roadie adjusts the lights on stage, Right: Fireworks being shot off at Hudson Gardens on Independence Day - Copyright Mark Stout