Greg Lenz: When your model becomes famous

My day took an abrupt change in course when I received a phone message from a major news publication asking them to call me about a photo.  I did so, and discovered what they wanted was to interview me about the model in the photo… Greg Lenz, who is now the top trending topic on social media as he is Jennifer Lawrence’s “hunky” new bodyguard everyone is going nuts over.

I told the reporter that Greg Lenz is one of the most decent people you could hope to meet.  We did three or four professional photoshoots while he was with a modeling agency here in Denver. He was easy to work with, fun, and 100% professional at all times.  A very decent sort of guy.  I have always been fortunate in that those I draw to work with me tend to be the upper cut of society, and that is certainly true of Greg.

He is a great guy, someone you can trust and count on… and despite the sensationalism going on, I suspect that has more to do with Jennifer Lawrence’s decision to hire him as her bodyguard than his “hunkiness”.

I’m writing this post to put that on the record.  Also to state that ALL of my photos are  copyrighted, whether of Greg or anyone else and may not be used, reposted, downloaded or anything else without written permission.  I have listed them with a service to find violations. Be forewarned, Instagram and other social media outlets transfer ALL penalties for copyright violation to the person who posted the image.  Don’t do it!

Fashion in Black and White

I wasn’t going to post anymore from this shoot until after it was published, but I saw this one and had a “holy shit” moment and had to share it… with the blessings of the client.  I think the black and white took it over the top.  It was great in color, but the black and white is what brought in the “holy shit, I love this” moment.

I hope you enjoy.  Again featuring the hot new model discovery, Chace Johnson.  From the reactions I have been getting from the powers that be, you are going to be seeing a lot of him.

Advertising photographer

Black and white fashion photography, copyright Mark Stout

A word with my friends

One of the big drawbacks of social media is that it has created a mindset that it doesn’t much matter what you post as long as you are posting a lot.  Almost like the fact it is “free” makes people think they should not invest anything into what they post on it.  This is a big mistake.

With more years than I care to mention working as a professional photographer, I’ve come to know a great many people in the industry.  Many of them are reps and marketing people for photographers and some highly successful photographers and while there are differing opinions on how to market, they all say one thing in common:  “Don’t send out or post bad pictures.”

Just like that ONE misstep on the ice results in a nasty fall and perhaps broken bones, ONE bad picture can kill a deal.  I’ve seen it happen a number of times.  I’ve been going through portfolios with a client searching for a model for the shoot and we are “maybe, maybe, humm…. NOPE”  If there is any uncertainty, when that one bad pictures shows up it instantly goes from maybe to no, and on to the next candidate.  This is true whether you are the photographer,  a model or actor, a business person, large corporation or a fashion designer.  Low quality marketing isn’t neutral… it literally repels clients.

Think about that the next time you go to post a photo.  Does it fully communicate the way you want yourself, your brand, service or product to be seen?  Or are you just making noise?  If it is the latter, you might want to skip it.

Here is another headshot from the shoot with Cody Woldt.

commercial photographer

Headshot of model Cody Woldt, copyright Mark Stout Photography

Ebbs and flows of style

I remember once with a friend of mine watching an old Hollywood movie and noticing how all the characters were smoking.  It was cool, glamorous and sexy.  Then came the anti smoking campaigns and the cigarette all but vanished from films.  Until more recently.

But now, in addition to the above elements, it contains one more.  A defiance.

That works for me.

The model in this shoot is Chace Johnson.  He is someone I think you will be seeing a lot of here soon.  Watch for updates on that front.

commercial photographer

Sexy man smoking, advertising photographer, copyright Mark Stout

Fit fashion photography

It is rare when you find a fitness model who works just as well in fashion photo shoots.  But in this case the model looked equally good in both fitness poses and clothing, and a casual fashion look.  This is one of the fashion, or as we were calling it, fit fashion, shots that we took during the same shoot.  Be sure to visit me to see more of my men’s fashion photography.

fashion photographer

Sexy men’s fashion photo shoot, copyright Mark Stout, no free use allowed

Fashion Photographer, Men’s Fashion Shoot in LA

Here is another shot from the men’s fashion photoshoot I did in Los Angeles recently. I’m loving this shot, the richness of the color, the moody light, and the new post production techniques I used on it.  I’m always pushing the creative envelope, looking for, and experimenting with new photography and photoshop techniques every week.

Again, a shout out to John Strand, the model in this shoot.  It is always a pleasure to work with him.  Talented, laid back and completely professional at all times.

Please visit my men’s fashion photographer gallery.

Mark Stout Mens fashion photographer

Men’s fashion photoshoot in LA – copyright Mark Stout. No free use allowed


The magic of night, men’s fashion

The photos posted here are the shots we took after the shot list had been completed.  I spoke with the model and the powers that be and suggested we try just a couple more concepts.  These ended up being some of the best images from the shoot.  Sometimes you have to throw the plan away and bring out the magic in what you see surrounding you.

See the images in my men’s fashion gallery.  They are also available for licensing on my stock photo site by clicking on the images.

Sexy male musician

Sexy Jazz Musician at Night stock photo – copyright Mark Stout, no free use allowed

Sexy male musician

A sexy street musician at night – copyright Mark Stout – no free use allowed

Fitness Photographer

Personal trainer, Braelon McMullon, wanted to update his portfolio and flew out from Atlanta to work with me.  I was quite impressed with how easy he was to work and get along with on a shoot.  We are still going through images from this shoot, but I wanted to share one of the photos from the shoot with you.  You can find out more about Braelon at

Also be sure to check out more of my fitness photography.

Fitness Photography

Fitness Photography – Copyright Mark Stout

Colorado Photo Shoots

While the beach produces a spectacular backdrop for a photoshoot, nothing quite equals the splendor of Colorado locations and it seems more and more people are discovering the Colorado advantage.  I have had clients come from Arizona, New Mexico, San Diego, NYC and other far away places to work with me, in part to have the advantage offered by the distinctive locations.

This recent model portfolio shoot with male fitness model, Raffi Cote show what I am talking about.  Though we each drove for hours to reach the location, we felt the results – which border on fine art photography – were more than worth it.  Look for more from this shoot coming soon.

By the way, Raffi proved to be exceptionally talented and easy to work with, particularly when it is considered this was only his third photoshoot.  Lugging lights, stands, battery packs and other gear across the countryside can be hard work but Raffi’s ability to listen, take direction, and assume the poses convincingly and effortlessly made the shoot easy and fun.

Sexy male fashion photographer

Nude Male Fitness Model, Raffi Cote - shot on location by Mark Stout Photography. Copyright Mark Stout Photography

Sexy male model

Male Fitness Model Raffi Cote - Shot on Location - Copyright Mark Stout Photography

Backpacking Photoshoot

Want to pass my thanks along to Conor Botkin for an incredible job of modeling on my recent backpacker, hiking photo shoot.  This is just one of the fabulous shots that resulted from our treck up the mountain with the gear.  Images from this shoot will soon be available on the stock photography section of my website.

Backpacking Photo

Backpacking Photo