From a shoot in the new studio

Los Angeles Fashion Photographer, copyright Mark Stout

Los Angeles Fashion Photographer, copyright Mark Stout

Here are a couple variations of one of the photos that I can release from a recent shoot in my new studio in the Los Angeles Fashion District.  Just love working in this space and working with Cameron Lindsay on as the model was great. Continue reading

A behind the scenes look

fitness photographer

A behind the scenes look of the shoot with fitness model, Raffi Cote. Copyright Mark Stout

I think often when people see the final shots form a shoot, they really don’t have any idea what it took to pull it off.  That is why I decided to post this photo as the first to be released from the shoot with fitness model, Raffi Cote. Continue reading

Male Physique Photographer

When male fitness trainer and model Raffi Cote and I did our last shoot, there were two photos we almost didn’t take.  But we did.  They were clearly the best two shots of the entire shoot.  Then we hesitated to release them.  I mean they were too sexy… and they were also too good.  And I think any artist, photographer or celebrity knows what I mean when I say something can be too good.  The better the work, the more criticism it draws.

We released one of them a few months back and it was an overwhelming success and ended up on the cover of a magazine as a result.  But we held off on this one.  Until now.  And folks, this is a copyrighted image.  I had better not see it popping up on any trashy blogs (or any blogs for that matter) or anywhere else without your first having contacted me for a license to use it.

male nude photographer

Fine art male nude with Raffi Cote, copyright Mark Stout, all rights reserved

Fitness Photographer

I spent several years shooting for several of the major fitness magazines including Men’s Exercise and Fitness for Men.  So I guess that it is only natural that fitness photography remains such a part of my work.

This photo with Raffi Cote was taken last fall.  On the day of the shoot a major snow storm moved in and it looked like we were going to have to postpone or move it into the studio.   I told him I knew of a spot near where we were planning to shoot where the storms seemed to jump over it.

Driving there it seemed we were nuts.  It was nasty, snow, icy roads, winter.  I really began to doubt my intuition.  But a mile before our exit the storm let up and in the small mountain town it looked like a beautiful fall day.

Seems life can be that way too.  On your way to your objective every reason to doubt yourself will appear.  If you carry on, you reach your objective.  Take one of the doubts too seriously and it becomes the end point of the goal instead of the original goal.

Speaking of reaching your goals, Raffi has really stepped to the forefront.  We have recently had two magazine covers come out with Emage Magazine and a third on the way… and a few other exciting things about to happen.

male fitness photographer

Men’s fitness photographer, copyright Mark Stout

Cover for Emage Magazine

Emage released a preview of the magazine cover for issue 30 today which I shot.  The issue will feature a several page spread with more of my photos of the same model.

The cover was posted on Facebook, and it has been interesting to see the attention is has gathered.  Not your usual crowd and chatter, but it has attracted people at the top of the arts world and some of what has been said was quite flattering.

But they all pull down to what the model in the photo said:  “We killed it!”

I’ll post a link to the online version when the full issue is released.

Mark Stout Photography

Emage issue #30 Magazine cover, copyright Mark Stout, all rights reserved

Fitness, Physique… or Fashion?

From what I have seen in the various genres, this photo could be any of them.  But our actual reason for taking it was a bit more simple.  To show off what this fitness model has worked so hard to achieve.

As a little note, when it came time to save the original file I was working on it was 7 gigabytes.  That’s a BIG file.  To put it in perspective, the largest memory card I could get for my first DSLR was 1 gig.  And I could get about 300 photos on it.  I would need 7 of those cards today to fit just this one photo on it.

Contact me to book a fitness/physique shoot.

Oh, and this image is copyrighted.

nude male bodybuilder

Portrait of a fitness model, copyright Mark Stout

Image Library Photoshoot for Ad Agency

The needs of clients for photography have been changing with the evolving digital landscape.  It has created a difficult transition for many, but it need not be.

One of the things I have noticed over the years is that clients are moving away from shoots that focus on one or two key shots and toward building image libraries.  There are many reasons for this.  Social media’s insatiable thirst for images and new content makes using the same images repeatedly ineffective.  It also opens a door to effectively tell a story that plays out over time, engaging consumers and raising brand awareness.  Then there is also the need for speed.  So often an image is needed right now.

There is one thing the digital landscape hasn’t changed.  The need for quality images.  Too many are making the mistake of believing that since it is “just for the web” or “just for Facebook” that it doesn’t need to be good.  I’ve seen some high end brands attempt to attract customers with iPhone snapshots.  They do the reverse.  Anyone seeing poor marketing images will also assume that same attention to quality and detail will be lacking in the products themselves.

I recently worked with an ad agency to shoot an image library for a very large family fitness center.  Offering everything from professional sports teams and fields, to weight rooms, racket ball courts, basketball courts, ice skating rinks, an Olympic swimming pool, aerobics classes, Pilates, seniors programs, youth and children’s programs and more, the client needed an image library they could draw from to market each of their activities in rotation, without having to go through the logistics of conducting a new photo shoot each time.

The actual shoot spanned three days.  It involved vastly different and difficult lighting conditions and fast paced time tables where we would need to get in, set up the lights, get the shots and get out in a very short period of time, and with minimal disruption to the class or activity.  The end result was hundreds of selected high quality images delivered to the client.  I am posting a few of them here.  More can be seen in the Client Image Library gallery of my website.  The agency’s name and client’s name are available on request for serious inquiries.

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Fitness shoot with celebrity trainer, Danny Apollo Bruce

This shoot was actually published a few months ago, but I haven’t had time to get it posted. It was a shoot I did with celebrity fitness trainer, Danny Apollo Bruce and women’s fitness model Noora Kuusivuori for an article in Fitness Trainer Magazine.

Both Danny and Noora are superstars in their fields, and it was a great honor to work with them. One remarkable thing I noticed about them both is how real, how sincere about helping others they both are.

Here are a couple of pages from the spread in Fitness Trainer magazine. To commission a fitness photo shoot, visit my fitness photographer gallery.

fitness photographer

Photo of Danny Apollo Bruce for Fitness Trainer Magazine, photo copyright Mark Stout


Photo of Danny Apollo Bruce and Noora Kuusivuori for Fitness Trainer Magazine, photo copyright Mark Stout


Internationally Acclaimed Fitness Photographer

I have worked hard to become one of the most creative and professional photographers in the business.  This has meant not only working on mastering all the technical apsects of photography… and the creative… but improving myself as a person as well.  I’ve learned that when your head is in the wrong place, when you don’t treat others as you want to be treated, and deliver your best at all times in all areas of your life, for some funny reason your creativity vanishes.

It is something I work on every day, but it has paid off.   Asian Photography Magazine did an eight page interview and layout of my work in which they referred to me as “an internationally acclaimed and sought after fashion and fitness photographer.”  I sort of downplayed it at the time, but it is true.  I’ve had clients and fitness and fashion models fly from all parts of the globe to work with me.  Likewise, I have been published all over the globe.  It’s an honor, a thrill and a responsibility to live up to the expectations that gives to my clients.

I’ve recently done some updates to my fitness photography portfolio.  Please take a minute to check them out and do click the “Like” button if you like the work.

men's fitness photographer

Fitness Photographer, copyright Mark Stout, all rights reserved


Men’s Fitness Photographer

It is amazing just how much can TRY to go wrong on a photo shoot.  When we planned the shoot, the weather forecast for the location was warm and sunny.  Come the day of the shoot, it was 70 percent chance of light rain and snow.  We discussed it and I said I just had a feeling that if we went ahead with the shoot we would end up with fantastic shots. Halfway to the location, we were in a downpour of rain.  Hardly what I would call light and I was starting to question my judgement.

We exited on the road to the spot and hit a barricade across the road.  It is closed, no reason given.  The only alternate route I knew of would mean doubling back about 60 miles and coming back up on a two lane road.  Not an option.

I knew an area where the weather seemed to always “bypass” it and we headed there.  Sure enough, we got there and the downpour was only a light drizzle and we found a spot where I could set up the lights and shoot from under a shelter and the model could appear to be out in the environment.   The shots were better than we hoped for with the original location.  Then the sun came out.  The shot below is one of what we got.

We wrapped up the shoot and headed back down to Denver.  About 2 miles from our spot, we were back in the same downpour.  I guess sometimes you just have to trust your intuition.  Had I relied on anything else (other than planning and bringing gear that would help in just such a wet situation) we would not have gotten some fantastic shots.

published fitness photographer

Men’s fitness photo shoot, magazine cover, copyright Mark Stout, all rights reserved

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