Passions – A High Fashion Photo Shoot

This is from a high fashion photo shoot that I did. While it originally did not have a title, I am now calling it “Passions”. More from this shoot will be posted later.

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High Fashion Photography

High Fashion Photography - copyright Mark Stout Photography

Here is a photo from a recent high fashion shoot. While the original shoot was not titled, I am not calling this image “Passions”. Please visit my website for more high fashion photography.

New Fashion Photo Shoot

One of the primary goals of a commercial fashion photo shoot is to create desire in the part of the viewer… and that desire translates to sales.  It’s more than just sexy, and sexy can take many forms.  We wanted these photos to also communicate happiness, luxury, and the self confidence that comes with knowing that you are dressed to kill and for the photos to make the viewer want to be a part of the scene we created.

Fashion Photographer Mark Stout

Fashion photographer - copyright Mark Stout

Fashion ad campaign

Commercial fashion photographer - copyright Mark Stout

commercial fashion photographer, Mark Stout

Advertising photography, copyright Mark Stout

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Fashion Photographer – Southwestern Beauty

As technology advances, we are seeing more and more fads come and go… such as the HDR look.  Used well this can be an effective tool, but often it is simply exaggerated colors, and subject matter that is difficult to distinguish from an illustration.  For the first few who do it, it is a hit.  It is different.  But as others copy it, such work loses it’s appeal and that is because the only real appeal it had was being different.  Beauty and aesthetics are timeless.  So is the effective communication of a value, mood, emotion or concept.

So while computer technology creates unlimited possibilities for special effects, and opportunities to create something “different”, I make it a point to ensure my work adheres to the above values.  This is a partially computer generated fashion photo combining more of my work with fashion model Megan Holmberg and shots I took on the way home from a recent shoot in LA.  While it involves a juxtaposition of both indoor and outdoor settings, the mood, tone and lighting combine harmoniously to create a visually compelling image.

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Beautiful fashion model

Sexy fashion model in a southwestern photoshoot - copyright Mark Stout

Fashion Photographer

I have been busy slapping new paint on the walls in my studio, as well as acquiring some new furnishings to help expand the looks I can achieve within the space.  I invited the sexy fashion model, Megan Holmberg over for a test shoot as soon as I finished ripping up all the masking tape.  I’m glad I did.  Be sure to take a peek at my fashion photographerportfolio over on my main site!  More pictures of Megan will be posted there soon.

Sexy female fashion model

Fashion Model Megan Holmberg poses for photographer, Mark Stout. Copyrighted image


Fashion Photography

This fashion photoshoot was inspired by an earlier shoot I had done. While doing it, I could see there was another and better shoot that could be done with the right model and clothes for the location. I knew instantly who the the right model was, Shaundra Valdez, and we set it up. Shaundra was a dream to work with and the red dress couldn’t have been more perfect. This was taken at the end of the shoot and was the shot I almost didn’t take. I already had what I wanted and this section of the location just didn’t seem to be working. The angles, the lack of background light to bleed into the shot, the physical barriers to placing the strobes where they really needed to be seemed to dictate a bad shot… or one other than what I was thinking when we move to the area. Then I happened to notice how the moonlight played on Shaundra’s face and realized what was wrong with the setup. I rearranged the strobes and pose and got this shot. This will be posted soon in my Denver Fashion Photographer gallery.

Denver fashion photographer

Mark Stout Photography - Copyrighted - Fashion Photography