Music CD Cover Photo Shoot

When vocalist Adrienne Osborn asked me to shoot the cover for her new CD, she wanted the image to communicate something friendly, sexy, vibrant, energetic, empowering, inspiring, powerful, fearless, joyful, strong, and free.  To impart a feeling that there is a power, an energy beyond what we can see and touch.

This brought to mind a location that was a good 4 hour drive to get to.  A long way to go for a photo, but when I discussed it with Adrienne, she agreed that it might just have the magical quality we were looking for.  Ironically, nothing about the finished photo suggests the many miles driven to get the shot…  but somehow I know we would have never created this image had we attempted to set it up in the studio.  This was the shot we didn’t plan, the one the location itself offered up…

I will be posting more photos from this shoot in the near future and when I do the reasons for the drive will become obvious.  This is also not the final selection for the CD cover photo.  But for now it is the one I feel best met the objectives of the shoot.

CD Cover Photoshoot

Photos taken for CD cover for vocalist Adrienne Osborn - Copyright Mark Stout

Colorado Fashion Photography

I once wished home base was in New York City or by the beach.  I was taking the breathtaking Colorado scenery for granted. I was so busy looking at the number of photoshoots that took place on the beach or in NYC, that I failed to appreciate what I had.  It actually took a NYC ad agency telling me they chose me for their photography largely because of where I was located to get me to open my eyes.  Colorado offered a break from the ordinary.  Where everyone else was doing exactly that – using NYC or the beach as a predominant backdrop for their shoots – Colorado offered exactly what I have been preaching for so long.  If you want to stand out, be unique and different.

i think this fashion photo shoot with Claire Levin, an actress out of NYC illustrates the point.  The golden tones of the old gold mines and the rich, if not sometimes haunting, backdrops of the old mining ghosts towns served us well for some one of a kind fashion images.


Colorado fashion photographer

Colorado ghost town fashion editorial - copyright Mark Stout

Female Fashion Photoshoot - copyright Mark Stout Photography

Female Fashion Photoshoot - copyright Mark Stout Photography