Los Angeles Fashion District Photographer

Layout page for apparel catalog. Copyright Mark Stout

Layout page for apparel catalog. Copyright Mark Stout

Some catalog shots I did for a uniform manufacturer in New York via an ad agency in Denver.  This features both action shots to show the uniforms “on the job” and clothing product shots.  See also my new site dedicated to the designers in the Los Angeles Fashion District, LA Fashion District Photographer.

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Agency shoot

Ad agency catalog shoot, copyright Mark Stout

Ad agency catalog shoot, copyright Mark Stout

Quite often, particularly of late, I am finding that what begins as model portfolio shoots move quickly into assignments for the subject.  Work that I have done with Chace Johnson has drawn a considerable amount of attention and he was recently cast by an ad agency I work with for the action shots to be used in the catalog of an international uniform manufacturer.  I always love it when I see good things happen for the people I work with and I can help them get a bit more from it than was planned. Continue reading

The magic moment

I’ve mentioned this before, but sometimes the most important thing a photographer can do is be in tune with what is going on around him.

This was taken at an industry event of filmmakers.  I headed up to the 2nd floor balcony to get a better vantage point for the group shot we were planning and started to see the most remarkable scenes playing out below me.  I mean it was a gathering off the most creative people in the area all indulging in the joy of creating.

The light couldn’t have been more perfect, even though it was by chance, as filmmaker Tim Cissell enchanted the crowd with stories of one of his projects, with television producer Tricia Mentor-Swanson looking on.  It was taken at The Lot at RiNo

It was a very magical moment at the event… and somehow every bit of that magic came through in this picture.

Denver photographer

Film Industry event, copyright Mark Stout, all rights reserved

Outtake from a recent fashion shoot

This photo is actually an outtake, taken during my last fashion shoot. It wasn’t on the shot list, but I saw the opportunity and took it.  For some reason I just love it…. and decided I have to share it with you.

BTW, the model in this shoot was Chace Johnson, the hot new model on the block.

Mark Stout

Fashion photo shoot outtake with Chace Johnson, copyright Mark Stout

Fashion Shoot

There are times on a shoot everyone on the crew knows we killed it, even without seeing the pictures.  The magic just pervades the air.  You just know everything is perfect.  As those that could were looking at the monitor and sending their nods of approval, the feeling only got stronger.

But once the post production was done on these, they were even better than we thought looking at the shots live.

Here is one we agreed to share.  A big thumbs up to Chace Johnson, the model in the shoot, and the whole crew.  Fantastic work guys!

commercial photographer

Men’s Fashion Photo Shoot, copyright Mark Stout, all rights reserved