“Mark Stout is an acclaimed and sought after international fashion and fitness photographer.”
Asian Photography Magazine
December 2008

A professional photographer since 1984, I am passionate about my work and the visual arts industry as a whole.  I believe that we each have a responsibility to protect the well-being of the industry we so love by learning professional standards and business practices, and to impart our knowledge to those seeking entry.

I am a member of Editorial Photographers (EP) and American Photographic Artists (APA – formerly Advertising Photographers of America) and I am the Vice Chairman of the Board of APA Colorado.

This blog was initially created to showcase some of my work and models and share interesting highlights from shoots.  It will always contain that element.  However, I have noticed a greater need to help emerging photographers navigate the confusing world of professional photography and to help them attain success without making the mistakes that can destroy their careers in the process.

I hope that I can help to create a community for intelligent discussion on the sweeping changes that our industry is faced with and workable solutions to the problems these changes can pose. 

The success of a designer, magazine, stock photo agency, ad agency or corporation is as dependent upon the existence of successful photographers and models, as the success of models and photographers is on successful designers, corporations, magazines, stock photo agencies, etc.  That is we thrive only to the degree those we work with also thrive.

A business model has been emerging in all industries where one feels his success comes at the expense of someone else.  A classic example is the rampant offshoring of the early part of this decade where corporations found ways to get work done for pennies on the dollar by moving jobs overseas…. but failed to consider that with each person they laid off, they also lost a customer.  Hundreds of thousands of jobs were lost, hundreds of thousands of customers were lost and the CEOs who were once patting themselves on the back for cutting labor costs are now in line for government bailouts (and government ownership).  Likewise the demands of the employees can become so great and government regulations so onerous that employers have no choice.  We have all seen examples in the creative arts as well.  The something for nothing model is parasitic and does not work, regardless of who is practicing it.  It eventually consumes the industry that engages in it.

The business of marketing communications is perhaps the most important industry in America.   So a larger purpose of this blog is to now share the information I have learned in the hope it and the resulting discussion will help the industry in which we all are working thrive and remain the creative force driving the world.

Mark Stout’s stunning images have received international acclaim and publication. His work has been published on ABC Television, Fox Television, billboard campaigns, Exercise for Men Magazine, Men’s Exercise, Asian Photography Magazine, Display Magazine, Fantastics Magazine, Bello Magazine, reFresh Magazine, DNA Magazine Online, as well as numerous newspapers, leading blogs, CD Jackets, book covers and billboards.He has worked with and photographed high profile celebrities including Sally Kirkland, Morgan Freeman, Vincent De Paul, Pat Benatar, America, and more.

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