Rip Tide

LA Lifestyle Photographer

Something about the beach, the sound of the waves crashing to the shore, the sea breeze and the golden sunset are food for the soul.

 It gives us space between ourselves, our problems, and the things about ourselves we wish we could sort out.  We can then look at them, throw away that which torments us, assess our values newly and gain a fresh new perspective on life.

Photographer: Mark Stout

Model: Cross Johnson

Images from this shoot are available for licensing, corporate art and fine art prints.

LA photographer

portrait photographer

LA photoshoot

Los Angeles lifestyle photographer

Mark Stout Photography



Mark Stout Photography

DSC_3553DNGbase DSC_3514DNGbw DSC_3421DNGfaceBW DSC_3398DNG_1 DSC_3373DNG DSC_3322DNG DSC_3145DNGflat Mark Stout Photography

Mark Stout Photography

As a note, while we were shooting we were approached by a nice gentleman who gave me his phone number and asked me to call him.  I did so the next day and he told me he was the publisher of a fine art print magazine called Fotofolio.  He said that he had watched us working for some time and we were obviously very professional and he could tell the photos would be fantastic.  I submitted the images the following day and they were accepted.

Just a bit of the magic that happens when you put the things in your world right.

Los Angeles Fine Art Photographer

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