Introducing Chace Johnson

Los Angeles Fashion PhotographerChace and I have worked together on several shoots, and he has always given me 15o%.  So it was a thrill to me when he was signed by Donna Baldwin Talent just two short months ago.I expect we will be seeing him soar to the top fast.  I’ve yet to show anyone any of the work we have done together without it having the effect of making them stop whatever they were doing and look.  He has worked with me on some of my fine art projects and several of these pieces are now represented by Saatchi, as well as several advertising shoots.

These photos are from the shoot we did just prior to his getting signed and when I showed them to the talent booker at Donna Baldwin, she said to please send him down right away.

Be sure to follow this blog for shoot by shoot updates of my work and news of what is going on in the industry.

chace-johnson-mark-stout-1 chace-johnson-mark-stout-3 chace-johnson-mark-stout-4 chace-johnson-mark-stout-5 chace-johnson-mark-stout-6 chace-johnson-mark-stout-7 chace-johnson-mark-stout-8 DSC_3038 DSC_3481freqFlat2 DSC_3759DNGfreqFlat-copy

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