A behind the scenes look

fitness photographer

A behind the scenes look of the shoot with fitness model, Raffi Cote. Copyright Mark Stout

I think often when people see the final shots form a shoot, they really don’t have any idea what it took to pull it off.  That is why I decided to post this photo as the first to be released from the shoot with fitness model, Raffi Cote.

This was our third attempt to make the shoot happen in this particular location.  We had torrential rains and even flash flooding on the two previous attempts.  For this shoot the weather report was “iffy” but it looked like we should have sunshine and clear skys for part of it.

We didn’t.

It was raining, cold and overcast the entire time.  But when you see the final photos from this shoot you will think we had the beautiful sunny day we had hoped for.

When I took this shot, Raffi was wrapped in towels to try to get rid of the goose bumps from the cold (and folks, this was taken yesterday, in August! but it was still very cold up there).  I looked over and saw the scene and snapped the shot.

I like the story it tells of what was really occurring on the “set” that you can compare to the images we got when we release them.

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