The Prison of Desire

While it may not be immediately apparent, it is often our own passions and desires that lead us into the prisons with which we find ourselves confined.  Ironically, the stronger the desire, the more formidable the walls of the trap.  At first glance this may seem untrue, but examine it.

“Prison of Desire” is a work conceived to encourage us to look as this aspect of our lives, and examine the premises by which we can convert our dreams and ambitions to reality… without becoming enslaved by them.

Provocative color portrait of a sensual young man in a prison. Limited edition fine art print in both black and white and color versions. High resolution and quality file can be printed at sizes up to 4 times listed dimensions. 50 copies will be sold.  It is currently available through Saatchi Art, and will also be available through my Private Collection website soon.

fine art photographer

Prison of Desire, fine art photography by Mark Stout, copyright Mark Stout, all rights reserved

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