Crop, Crop, Crop

I have often used the analogy of going to a concert or live show and while the singer on the stage might have a beautiful voice, you somehow feel she isn’t giving you all she’s got and you feel cheated.  The analogy is usually used in relation to photography, or when talking with models… how we can hold back and not let everything we have into the shoot.

What is interesting is that I have been shooting 30 years, and there have been countless times I’ve felt I’ve punched through that personal barrier in my work.  Only to turn around and find later I have still more to give and do it again.  I guess that only means we can only get larger as individuals, and as we do so our work does as well.  There have been 3 distinct points in the last few months where I have noticed myself doing that… and interestingly enough, so have the people who look at the photos.  In their comments, I can tell they see it too.

I’m doing something different in this post.  Often once I finish the post on a photo, I see a crop that will make it look better (or so I think).  Then many times when I see it in the “save for web” window, I will see yet another crop I like.  So on this one, I’m giving you the original, then the 2 crops.  I like the tightest crop best, BUT this was shot for a fashion editorial, so we are going with the one that shows the jacket!

Again this is from my last shoot with Chace Johnson.

Advertising photographer

Fashion Editorial, copyright Mark Stout, all rights reserved


Commercial photographer

Fashion Editorial, copyright Mark Stout, all rights reserved

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