“The Bonds that Tie Us” – Sneak Peek

One of the frustrations a photographer or artist has are the conflicting demands.  Stock photo agencies have been playing the game of saying we want high end unique work so we can make you rich by devaluing it.  They have now dug themselves into such a trench I don’t think they will be able to come out.

Marketing folks are beating the “exposure” drum touting Facebook, Instagram, Google Plus, add infinitum …  yet that very exposure tends to instantly devalue the work.  I’ve said this before, but what would the Mona Lisa be worth today had it initially been published on Facebook?  Not much.

I have evolved a solution for that, which I am still implementing.  Yes, I’ll do the social media thing.  But to see the full body of any collection of work, you’ll have to come to my Private Collection website.  This is currently being re-developed and is offline, but should be back up in a few weeks.  Any stock I sell will be under a rights managed license where usage is controlled and by direct contact with me and any prints in limited runs.  Currently work is available directly through me and a few collections have been placed with Saatchi Art.

I could say a lot about the reasons for this, but I won’t.

Until then, here is a sneak peak of my latest body of work featuring Chace Johnson.  To contact me regarding exhibiting this collection, or for prints, or publication in select magazines, click the image.


The bonds that tie us – copyright Mark Stout, all rights reserved

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