Male Physique Photographer

When male fitness trainer and model Raffi Cote and I did our last shoot, there were two photos we almost didn’t take.  But we did.  They were clearly the best two shots of the entire shoot.  Then we hesitated to release them.  I mean they were too sexy… and they were also too good.  And I think any artist, photographer or celebrity knows what I mean when I say something can be too good.  The better the work, the more criticism it draws.

We released one of them a few months back and it was an overwhelming success and ended up on the cover of a magazine as a result.  But we held off on this one.  Until now.  And folks, this is a copyrighted image.  I had better not see it popping up on any trashy blogs (or any blogs for that matter) or anywhere else without your first having contacted me for a license to use it.

male nude photographer

Fine art male nude with Raffi Cote, copyright Mark Stout, all rights reserved

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