Meet me IRL – CGI Photographer

We created this as a conceptual image with the goal of showing just how real things can become.  As the post production was finished, I couldn’t help but think of the phrase out of the internet chat rooms to “meet me IRL”  In Real Life that is.

The image ended up communicating more than we intended it to… in fact you could write a lot of story lines around it.  This is good… and it also communicates what we wanted it to when we shot it.

Something I want to mention here.  In an era where “photography” has become to most snap a shot of something in front of you with an iPhone, push a button and upload it to Facebook and “your marketing is done” as one networking guru told me once (I disabused him of that false idea in about 30 seconds) people tend to think that is all that goes into ANY photo.  This photo represents several days of work.  It had to be planned out.  Each of the elements had to be shot in the right perspective and then the post production work began.  Due to the expectation of so many that I can somehow get this in the same time period as the iPhone/FB method, I had come to think I was slow.  Then one day I had the chance to meet and speak with the renowned Advertising photographer, Erik Almas.  I asked him how long it took him to create an image that had a similar amount of manipulation in it.  He looked at me and said “Two weeks.”

So I guess the reality of the situation isn’t that I am too slow.  I’m actually quite fast by comparison.  But I made the mistake of comparing myself to the opinion of those who simply have no idea what it takes instead of taking a minute to educate them.

commercial photographer

Commercial CGI Photographer – Meet me in Real Life, copyright Mark Stout

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