A word with my friends

One of the big drawbacks of social media is that it has created a mindset that it doesn’t much matter what you post as long as you are posting a lot.  Almost like the fact it is “free” makes people think they should not invest anything into what they post on it.  This is a big mistake.

With more years than I care to mention working as a professional photographer, I’ve come to know a great many people in the industry.  Many of them are reps and marketing people for photographers and some highly successful photographers and while there are differing opinions on how to market, they all say one thing in common:  “Don’t send out or post bad pictures.”

Just like that ONE misstep on the ice results in a nasty fall and perhaps broken bones, ONE bad picture can kill a deal.  I’ve seen it happen a number of times.  I’ve been going through portfolios with a client searching for a model for the shoot and we are “maybe, maybe, humm…. NOPE”  If there is any uncertainty, when that one bad pictures shows up it instantly goes from maybe to no, and on to the next candidate.  This is true whether you are the photographer,  a model or actor, a business person, large corporation or a fashion designer.  Low quality marketing isn’t neutral… it literally repels clients.

Think about that the next time you go to post a photo.  Does it fully communicate the way you want yourself, your brand, service or product to be seen?  Or are you just making noise?  If it is the latter, you might want to skip it.

Here is another headshot from the shoot with Cody Woldt.

commercial photographer

Headshot of model Cody Woldt, copyright Mark Stout Photography

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