Technology’s double edged blade

I can’t believe how much is going on right now.  Or how busy I am.  Three magazine covers have come out in the last couple months, along with a pictorial and a couple more in the works.  A book.  An agency shoot.  Several collections up with Saatchi Art and about to come out in Lens Culture magazine.  And there are a couple of projects going on.

This is one of them, still in progress, about how technology both aids our lives and enslaves us.  For example, it has enabled me to work faster and do more creative things, but it has also enabled me to work 24/7 and that seems to be expected of us these days.

We can sync all of our devices in the cloud… but in doing so we also make our financial and personal information available to those who can least be trusted with it… those who use it to control and enslave us.  (watch the old movie called The Net with Sandra Bullock).  Security cameras on every street corner, transportation hub, and many private places as well might make us “safe from crime” but they are also tracking our every movement, activity and action… and matching this to our ID photos, social security number and every resulting piece of information tied to that.  (can you spell E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G).

This project aims to make us more aware of what is occurring and to demand responsibility in the age of technology.  The featured model in this shoot is Cody Woldt.


“Watching” CGI Photography of technology’s invasion of privacy. Copyright Mark Stout, all rights reserved.


Big Brother – CGI photography of technology’s invasion of rights. Copyright Mark Stout, all rights reserved!


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