Fitness Photographer

I spent several years shooting for several of the major fitness magazines including Men’s Exercise and Fitness for Men.  So I guess that it is only natural that fitness photography remains such a part of my work.

This photo with Raffi Cote was taken last fall.  On the day of the shoot a major snow storm moved in and it looked like we were going to have to postpone or move it into the studio.   I told him I knew of a spot near where we were planning to shoot where the storms seemed to jump over it.

Driving there it seemed we were nuts.  It was nasty, snow, icy roads, winter.  I really began to doubt my intuition.  But a mile before our exit the storm let up and in the small mountain town it looked like a beautiful fall day.

Seems life can be that way too.  On your way to your objective every reason to doubt yourself will appear.  If you carry on, you reach your objective.  Take one of the doubts too seriously and it becomes the end point of the goal instead of the original goal.

Speaking of reaching your goals, Raffi has really stepped to the forefront.  We have recently had two magazine covers come out with Emage Magazine and a third on the way… and a few other exciting things about to happen.

male fitness photographer

Men’s fitness photographer, copyright Mark Stout

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