Sometimes on the way to your dream…

…you find something better.

That is the line from an episode of an old TV series called Just Shoot Me, a sit com about a fashion magazine.    Somehow while working on this photo that thought was on my mind.

The last few days some new doors have opened.  One in particular.  It seems to have started when I looked at the work of a London photographer named Greg Williams.  There is a strong parallel in it to my own, and a distinct similarity in the style and voice of the work.  With some notable differences that made the next rung up on the ladder, the next step up for my work, quite obvious to me.

I’ve revisited his work several times over the last few days while doing my own work and more and more occurs to me.  I could never really explain it, but I have come to see quite clearly what is lacking in the majority of photos we see:  Creativity.

And the reason why is also apparent.  You see, no software program, camera or app can unleash it.  It resides within us. And the barrier to creativity is on the road to it, we smack into all of the things we once created and later wished we hadn’t.  I believe that because of that one fact we hold ourselves back from true, unbridled creativity.

I’m posting the photo I was working on while thinking this.  For the record, it looks nothing like the work of Greg Williams.  The reason for studying his work wasn’t to copy… it was to enable me to look a little higher.

Copyright Mark Stout

Copyright Mark Stout

Copyright Mark Stout

Copyright Mark Stout

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