Image Library Photoshoot for Ad Agency

The needs of clients for photography have been changing with the evolving digital landscape.  It has created a difficult transition for many, but it need not be.

One of the things I have noticed over the years is that clients are moving away from shoots that focus on one or two key shots and toward building image libraries.  There are many reasons for this.  Social media’s insatiable thirst for images and new content makes using the same images repeatedly ineffective.  It also opens a door to effectively tell a story that plays out over time, engaging consumers and raising brand awareness.  Then there is also the need for speed.  So often an image is needed right now.

There is one thing the digital landscape hasn’t changed.  The need for quality images.  Too many are making the mistake of believing that since it is “just for the web” or “just for Facebook” that it doesn’t need to be good.  I’ve seen some high end brands attempt to attract customers with iPhone snapshots.  They do the reverse.  Anyone seeing poor marketing images will also assume that same attention to quality and detail will be lacking in the products themselves.

I recently worked with an ad agency to shoot an image library for a very large family fitness center.  Offering everything from professional sports teams and fields, to weight rooms, racket ball courts, basketball courts, ice skating rinks, an Olympic swimming pool, aerobics classes, Pilates, seniors programs, youth and children’s programs and more, the client needed an image library they could draw from to market each of their activities in rotation, without having to go through the logistics of conducting a new photo shoot each time.

The actual shoot spanned three days.  It involved vastly different and difficult lighting conditions and fast paced time tables where we would need to get in, set up the lights, get the shots and get out in a very short period of time, and with minimal disruption to the class or activity.  The end result was hundreds of selected high quality images delivered to the client.  I am posting a few of them here.  More can be seen in the Client Image Library gallery of my website.  The agency’s name and client’s name are available on request for serious inquiries.

DSC_1281DNGflatCrop DSC_1657DNGcrop DSC_5180dngFace DSC_5281dngBody DSC_5662dngOn DSC_6182 DSC_6264dngBodies


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