Men’s Fitness Photographer

It is amazing just how much can TRY to go wrong on a photo shoot.  When we planned the shoot, the weather forecast for the location was warm and sunny.  Come the day of the shoot, it was 70 percent chance of light rain and snow.  We discussed it and I said I just had a feeling that if we went ahead with the shoot we would end up with fantastic shots. Halfway to the location, we were in a downpour of rain.  Hardly what I would call light and I was starting to question my judgement.

We exited on the road to the spot and hit a barricade across the road.  It is closed, no reason given.  The only alternate route I knew of would mean doubling back about 60 miles and coming back up on a two lane road.  Not an option.

I knew an area where the weather seemed to always “bypass” it and we headed there.  Sure enough, we got there and the downpour was only a light drizzle and we found a spot where I could set up the lights and shoot from under a shelter and the model could appear to be out in the environment.   The shots were better than we hoped for with the original location.  Then the sun came out.  The shot below is one of what we got.

We wrapped up the shoot and headed back down to Denver.  About 2 miles from our spot, we were back in the same downpour.  I guess sometimes you just have to trust your intuition.  Had I relied on anything else (other than planning and bringing gear that would help in just such a wet situation) we would not have gotten some fantastic shots.

published fitness photographer

Men’s fitness photo shoot, magazine cover, copyright Mark Stout, all rights reserved

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