Men’s fitness photographer

I have been referred to both as one of the top fitness photographers in the business and as “an internationally acclaimed and sought after fitness photographer.”   I got away from fitness photography for a while when many of the fitness publications adopted policies that were not in the best interest of photographers, but have recently done several fitness photoshoots.

This is one from a recent shoot in LA.  The sun setting behind the palms made the perfect backdrop to show of the physique of this NPC bodybuilder.  Visit my fitness photographer gallery to see more of my work.

Note: This is a copyrighted image.  If you like it feel free to link to this page and tell people to come here to see it.  That is ethical sharing.  Reposting the image, or using it in any other manner without written permission is a violation of copyright law.

male nude photography

Physique photo of an NPC Bodybuilder against the palms, copyright Mark Stout, no free use allowed

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