Music Photography

This is the second post from the shoot I did last weekend with the singer.  I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed doing this shoot, and how much I am loving doing the post production on the shots.  The passion burning behind his creativity was clearly visible in every move, pose and shot.  And that is what I worked to highlight and capture.

This shot also serves as a classic example on why it is so important to use off camera lighting even on outdoor shoots where you would think the sun would do the job for you.  The highlight and shadow on the singer, as well as the difference in exposure values between the subject and background that makes him “pop” out of the background and rivets the viewers attention where you want it… on the singer… was created by battery powered strobes to camera left and right.  Without them, the shot would be flat, boring and lifeless.

My music photography galley on my site has not been updated since I did the overhaul on my website a few years back and is still the old format.  I need to remedy that one day, but do contact me if you need some over the top live music photography, or promotional photos that will make people HAVE to come to your shows or buy your CD.

Denver photographer

Portrait of a musician, copyright Mark Stout, all rights reserved

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