Music as an inspiration – Fashion Photography

I’ve been talking about sources of inspiration in my recent posts.  One I have often found useful is music.  It helps me to set aside the hassles of the day and lift myself up into the creative zone.  It can also provide a mood, a feeling around which ideas develop.

A few weeks back photographing the after party for a corporate event, “You Belong to the City,” one of the defining songs of the eighties played on the sound system.  Ideas started to emerge and I am posting the resulting fashion photo below.

This song was also part of the Miami Vice soundtrack.  But the vision I got listening to it wasn’t one of Don Johnson in his white suit jacket in the red light district of Miami (though I DO love the night shots of the Ferrari driving the streets in the series).  To me the vision was more personal.  You see, the city is alive.  It may seem that the pavement, brick and stone are lifeless… and the body may be just about as solid.  But the spirit, the soul, the life force has no such limitations.  It pervades and permeates all that is.  It creates that which we see and experience.  And just what is that life force?  Well, my friend, it is you.

So what the song inspired me to create was an image representing that magical life force that makes the city so cool.

BTW, I have been updating my portfolio on Behance.   I will update you on why I am doing so later.  Meantime, please check it out.

Fashion photographer

Sexy woman in the city at night – copyright Mark Stout, all rights reserved. No free use allowed

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