The Gluten Gladiator Photo Shoot

This shoot was fun, and a good illustration of how despite any amount of planning you also have to be able to handle last minute problems, and see opportunities that may not have been on the story board for the shot.

Brian Gannsman is the author of a book called Defeat Wheat.  As a person who has a condition called Celiac disease and can’t eat wheat, he has taken on the identity of the Gluten Gladiator and I have photographed him in that role a few times before.  For this shoot, the purpose was an advertisement for S & F Foods, who makes a gluten free product line called Delights, gluten free stuffed sandwiches.

We discussed the concepts and decided it would work best in an old kitchen.  The older the better.  We had one lined up that came close to what we wanted, and the day before the shoot we lost it.  The shoot couldn’t be postponed as the ad had to run in May for Celiac Awareness Month, but within hours we found this delightful 1920’s farmhouse kitchen that had been fully restored to its original magnificence.

The shot list called for photos of just Brian, with and without the food.  But I kept looking over at Michelle, our stylist, and how cool it would be if we tweeked it just a bit.  I pulled Michelle into some of the shots and now we have the good natured wife putting up with her husband’s antics as he enjoys the routine of eating his Gluten Free Delights.

Commercial photographer

The Gluten Gladiator – copyright Mark Stout, all rights reserved

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