Thank You to An Unknown Friend

Last night I decided I had to get out from behind the computer.  I grabbed my gear and headed downtown and started trying out a number of experimental techniques I had in mind.

When I get into the creative mode, that is all I think about.  It is as if I enter a different space, a different world.  One where the rules are different, where nothing can go wrong, and I seem to have no attention on anything else.

This isn’t always a good thing.  From the moment I got out of the car, my attention was on the various things around me, and what I could turn them into.  I no sooner finished one picture and I was looking at the next thing I could create.  About two hours and a couple miles later a woman noticed I seemed to be doing something a bit different than just pointing my camera and pushing the button.  I showed her the last image I took to show her how the technique I was using resulted in unique images and we talked a while.

It was then I realized that my camera bag wasn’t over my shoulder.  I remembered for the first time that I had set it on the trunk of my car when taking the first picture and never given it another thought.  With the car being in the nightclub district, there wasn’t much chance of it still  being there… but somehow I knew it was okay.

As I got to where the car was in sight, the camera bag was gone.  I started doing a mental inventory of what was lost, put the tripod in the trunk and was considering retracing my steps once more when I saw the security guard from one of the highrises coming toward me with my camera bag over his shoulder.

He told me he saw it on the trunk and knew it wouldn’t remain there long, so he took it in the building with him for protection.

I can’t tell you how it made me feel. It wasn’t so much that I was spared the expense of having to replace my camera bag as it was what it did for my faith in humanity.  He could have so easily just said “It isn’t my problem” and done nothing.   But instead he took a moment to care enough to do something.  It is what makes people so wonderful and the world a decent place to live.

Here is one of the photos I took on my journey.  The effects were created in camera.


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