The Sun Sets on the Gates Rubber Plant

A couple months back I decided I had better get some shots of the old abandoned Gate Rubber Plant before it was torn down.  I knew nothing of any plan to do so, but then noticed about 2 weeks ago that demolition had begun.

I have always had a fascination with the old factory, from back in the days when it was still manned and producing.  For some reason that fascination grew when the plant was deserted and I have spent many hours photographing the historic old building in different light and exploring new angles.  I have a post from the shoot I did just before demolition and have loved the photos that resulted.

Somehow, I found photographing the demolition the most fascinating of all.  The light coming from the setting sun on the now exposed interior view of the western drew me right in to the color and light it cast onto the otherwise shadowed concrete floors and supports.  Shooting multiple exposures of each view, I noticed the “dance” of the many backhoes scooping away the debris.  They began to remind me of the plumes of water shooting into the air and sweeping in graceful patterns in the fountain at the Bellagio Hotel in Vegas.

I guess it just goes to show there is beauty in all things.  You just have to be willing to experience it.  More from this collection can be seen on my stock photo site Private Collection Stock Photos in the Beauty of Industry gallery and the Metamorphosis of Denver galleries.  I am also still adding to these collections.


Beauty of the sun setting on the Gates Rubber Plant Demolition – copyright Mark Stout, no free use allowed.

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