What’s a photo worth?

Anyone working as a professional photographer these days knows the assault the industry has been under.  Every subterfuge in the book has been used to devalue our work for the benefit of those who depend on it.  But in all unethical schemes where one seeks to profit at the expense of another, it eventually comes back on the perpetrator.

As this downward pressure has increased, I have seen many excellent pro photographers shut their doors, and many more turn to other sources of income to get by.

When content creators can no longer earn enough to fund their work and pay their bills, there will be no more content.  At least not any of a professional level.

The French newspaper Liberation decided to show us just what the world will be like when that day arrives.  In support of professional photographers and the value of what they contribute to the world, they published the current issue with NO photos.

Read about it on the British Photography Journal and get a taste of the world to come if we don’t begin to respect the rights of creators.

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