Graduating Photographers at the Art Institute

Today was a real treat.  Melissa English, the Director of Career Services at the Art Institute invited to to come out and view the portfolios of their graduating class.  I must say, I was impressed.  One thing that was quite apparent in each portfolio was a completely unique and fresh way of seeing their subjects.  It’s refreshing to see that the school encourages this so heavily.

My eyes were opened a bit wider by the experience.  It wasn’t just the photographers whose work was on display.  There were also fashion designers, those who trained in merchandising, culinary arts, web design and graphic animation programs such as MAYA.  This is where I see the future of our industry.  Combine the beauty of photography with the sheer magic created by the talented users of such programs and creativity is no longer constrained by “what is possible.”  It all is.

I learned something quite interesting today.  That is that after more than two decades of professional photography and dedication to learning all I can about my work… I still have a lot to learn.

AI-1 AI-2 AI-3 AI-design

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