Photography is a communication

A lot is said about art, and photography is an art form.  However, it seems what is most often overlooked in the discussions is that art is a communication.  A much higher level communication than the written or spoken word as it uses aesthetics.  In commerce, it is the communication that drives sales.

If that isn’t quite clear, consider for a moment how many pairs of jeans Guess would sell if they simply took out ads with text telling you how the denim was top quality.  Probably none.  It’s the aesthetic in their ads and the values communicated by that aesthetic that make the consumer decide it is worth a couple extra bucks to buy that brand.

This isn’t a matter of being technically proficient, it is the work of an artist.  Or a team of artists.  It is how all of the elements – the models, the styling, the setting, the light, the composition – come together to create desire by sending a message the consumer wants to identify with.

Yet when the campaigns that drive the sales are mentioned, the photography is rarely part of the discussion.  I found this article on “M&S & Tesco: How Photography Drives Their Advertising Campaigns” a great read on this subject.

Perhaps it is time we began to give more credit to the role photography plays in a successful marketing campaign.

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