Fast track to a successful photography business

Today, many feel all they need to get going in a photography business is a camera. This almost always ends in heartbreak.  The photography industry is at best chaotic and learning the ropes on your own is the hard way to do it.   In speaking with a number of successful photographers, I find they all have one thing in common.  Whether or not they went to a photography school, when they entered the business, they chose to first assist a successful photographer for a couple of years.

Doing so has a lot of advantages.  There are the additional technical skills you will learn.  But more so, you learn who the players are in the industry, what the standards are from everything from writing estimates to what to charge, and what expectations you must meet when you get your chance to do a shoot for one of the big clients.  I’ve yet to find a book or website that can impart this information to you.

This September 21 and 22, APA Colorado, APA National, Sony, Mikes Camera, PDN, Broncolor, Lowepro, Photoshelter, Emerging, Adobe and Blink Bid are bringing Photo Assistant Basic Training to Denver.   This 2 day event is a must attend.  Whether you are planning to be an assistant or not, the industry pros that will be at this event will give you a large arsenal of tips and tricks to take home.

For more info, go to

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