Pro photography organizations take a united stand against Instagram’s TOS

All of the major pro photography organizations, including APA of which I am a member, have united in a stand against Instagram’s Terms of Service.

The rights grabs taken by most all of the social media outlets have been a hot issue for photographers for some time, but Instagram’s are among the worst. I find the stand that is being taken quite welcome and urge all photographers to read the press release by ASMP on what this issue is and to get involved.

I hope this is the beginning of a well organized and coordinated effort to return copyright fully into the hands of the creators of the work… and not the websites cashing in on the Web 3.0 model (other people’s content) at our expense. For an idea of just how much these rights that are being signed away in the TOS on such sites, read How Photographers Lost $1.1 Billion.

Copyright law was enacted so creators from all walks could profit from their work and fund the creation of new work.  Without it, society would soon be denied the riches of their creations.  Please read the press release and take time to get informed and involved.

Please !

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