A Tribute to One Of My Best Friends


When I saw this photo move up to prominence on Facebook again a couple years after I took it, I suspected the worst had happened.  One of my best friends had probably lost her battle with cancer.  The next day I received a call from her husband asking for some of the photos I had taken of her for her memorial service.

No one likes to see someone they care about depart, but with Laura, I believe that it was a loss to the entire world.  The photos that I am posting are a small example of that, as in each one it was working to make the impossible come true for the benefit of mankind as a whole.  What had to be accomplished was such a monumental task that many simply said, “You’re crazy.  It can’t be done.”  But a small handful of people disagreed, said that’s bullshit, we can do it and have fun while we are at it.  I watched Laura week after week lead the charge to get it done and in doing so inspire others to do the same.  That impossible, “insane” dream did come true and Laura is one of the key reasons why.

The photo above communicates her spirit better than most.  The insouciance, the we can do this, and the sheer spirit of play are all seen here.



And yes, this is a race car in the middle of 17th St (trust me, we had to work fast on this photo).


Even when faced with cancer Laura fought the battle with the same insouciance that she did all else in life.  She lasted much longer than the doctors thought possible, and at one point it appeared she had it completely licked.  Her strength served as a inspiration to all.

The world is a better place for all thanks to the work Laura and her husband did and that work will continue to serve mankind for centuries to come.

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