It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

Wow, 2 days and it is Christmas!  This month has been busy and this is the first opportunity I have had to “take a moment.”

When I look at where the time has gone, much of it has been Volunteering with APA Colorado.  And it is interesting to me to see how that work, while unpaid, is where I have benefited the most.  The people I have met over the last two years working with the Chapter are among the finest I have ever known.  That seems to be the way of creative people.  And the knowledge I have gained through working with them simply cannot be obtained in other ways.  I’m looking forward to another year of doing my part to make the industry as good as it can be.

That said, I’m also looking forward to more creative shoots for my clients, the new clients who will trust me to make their vision a reality, and creating for the sheer joy of doing so.

I hope you all have a Merry Christmas and that in 2013, you make your dreams reality.

Denver Civic Center

Denver Civic Center at Christmas, Copyright Mark Stout

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