Kudos to Wy Livingston as an AddOne Ambassador

When I see someone do something that makes the world a little better, I love to pass it on.  And even more so if that person happens to be one of my clients.  So I think it is time to give a shout out to Wy Livingston at Wystone’s World Teas.

In the many years I have worked with her, Wy has worked 24/7 the entire time.  Yet she is always taking on one more project for the benefit of the community.  And these DO make a difference, as does her “lead by example” way of living.  As a note, after I was on the air with her on the Wy Not show, Rob, the show host, commented how working with Wy had “made him a better person” and told us of how he had been motivated to go far beyond the call of duty to help someone by his association with Wy.

Currently in a world where corporations are still cutting back, offshoring jobs, turning to crowdsourcing to cut labor costs (i.e. paying workers pennies on the dollar), or maintaining hiring freezes, Wy has come on as an Ambassador for the Jefferson County Workforce Development AddOne campaign.  As she states in the interview with 9news, there are 20,000 small businesses in Jefferson County.  If each business was to hire one employee, that would be 20,000 people put back to work.  Or if only 5% were to hire one employee, 1,000 people would be put back to work.  I don’t have the numbers but that would probably eliminate any employment problem in Jeffco.

Watch her on 9News here.

So if you find yourself thinking “what can one person do about it” when you are looking at the problems of the world, I encourage you to take a look at the example set by Wy Livingston.  Then take a look around and ask yourself, “What can I do about it?”


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