Think you don’t need a professsional photographer? Think again!

When I first saw these photos taken of the US Olympic Team in Texas in Outrage Over the Photographs of the US Team I thought, okay, some inexperienced photographer took some really bad photos but no one would have actually published them!

Wrong!  Then I found the link to CBS News and there they are.  It also became apparent just why they were so bad.  The source of the image?  Getty!  Getty has been working hard to cut photographers out of commissioned work in a number of markets by sending several of their best shooters to an event, or to photograph a celebrity, etc and then convincing those who need the images to save a fortune by not sending their own photographers to cover the event.

There are a number of similar operations and it is one where everyone loses.  Several photographers will work to shoot an event, but all but one will not be paid for the effort in most cases.  And the one that is paid won’t get what the work is worth, or what it cost him to produce it!

However in this case, the REAL loser is our US Olympic Team and the nation.  The photos make our team look like anything other that professionals.  And the second loser is ABC, who despite saving a few bucks by not bothering to find and commission a competent professional (or use a staff photographer) is now paying the price of the loss of credibility.  If this is an example of the standards, it is no wonder the public is no longer looking to mainstream media for their information.

I’m not going to post the images here.  They are copyrighted.  But do take a moment to go to CBS News and see just how bad a photo can get.

Please !

2 thoughts on “Think you don’t need a professsional photographer? Think again!

  1. 1. The guy is a photojournalist from france. He mainly shoots candids, portraits are not his forte. He has won awards for his photojournalism though — so he’s not a complete hack. That’s why he got this opportunity. 2. These photos were shot at a “media event” in texas. Essentially it was a crowded room with a lot of photographers — and very little working space. They were given probably 1-2 minutes per subject — and, sometimes, the subject is being peppered with questions by a reporter even during that small time window. 3. These photos do, indeed, suck. Everyone who’s claiming they are “raw” or good in someway, can stop now. The shot where the gymnast’s hand print has torn through the seamless paper in the ground just goes to show how sloppy these are. Don’t even get me started on the quality of light, the cheesy poses, or the unflattering angles chosen. There’s no concept or consistency either. 4. Just because you are short on time and space at one of these media events, doesn’t mean you can’t take a good portrait. Nick Laham, for example, set himself up in a bathroom and shot with an iphone at a similar event. And his photos were actually pretty good . 5. Everyone takes shitty pictures at some point. The real tragedy is that he released these. Even worse, cbs printed them. 6. These are not the official olympic team photos.

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