New Hope on the Copyright Front

As any professional photographer knows all too well, copyright has been under attack on a number of fronts ranging from large corporations who use legal maneuvers and lobbying to create conditions where their own copyright and trademarks are protected, but that same right is eliminated in those who actually create the work, to proposed increases in fees to register copyright, to large numbers of emerging photographers who simply have not taken the time to learn how the business of photography actually works.

That said, there is positive news and developments on the horizon.  The US Copyright Office held discussions in DC on proposals to implement a form of a Small Claims Court for copyright infringement claims.  Proposals were heard by each of the major professional photography associations and if enacted will greatly streamline the copyright registration process, simply restitution of wrongs on smaller value copyright claims (under $80,000) and in general work to protect the right of the creators of a work to profit from their efforts.

Please read the article about this on John Harrington’s blog where he provides in depth information, photos and links to the proposals by the major photography associations.

In parting, please take the time to read John’s post and learn as much about the issue as possible.  Copyright is important to the wellbeing of the industry and YOUR business.  If it wasn’t, why are so many entities working to take it away from you!

Please !

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