The Whores Among Us

I will probably live to regret this post (rant), but some recent experiences have led me to say ENOUGH ALREADY, WAKE UP.

The basic situation here is the trend driven by blogs, social media, and the internet in general that more is better and quality doesn’t matter. This is true only if you are Google and make money off the clicks when someone is trying to escape one of these low quality sites.

I have been aware of this for some time now where I see individuals and companies say, “Oh, it’s just for the blog”, or “it’s only for Facebook” as if your personal or corporate branding didn’t matter on these media outlets!

This was driven home hard last night when a client sent me a link to a review on her company. When I arrived at the link I actually recoiled. The quality throughout the blog was so low as to be offensive! The copy was mundane at best. And while the blog was decorated with tons of images and video, the quality was such that it reminded me of a hooker on main street adorned with more plastic trinkets than clothing.

Then the real shocker hit! As I explored the blog, I came to realize it was being published by one of the major television news networks! And I thought “Wow! If network TV cares this little about the the content they show the world, we are all in trouble.” I told the client she should show the post to as few people as possible.. that any “clout” she may gain due to it being a network TV review was lost by having it appear in a blog that cared so little about quality as to seem it was created by a high school girl on crack. Years of hard work building a brand of quality and luxury on the part of the client were being dragged into the mud by the post.

Another example of this occurred recently when I shot a fashion editorial for an east coast magazine. When the shoot was delivered I was asked to replace an image where the models wore a certain brand of clothing with one where the brand was not used. When I asked why, the editor said “Because the designer is a whore” and explained that the brand appeared any place where they could get someone to run the photos for free and with such poor images that they could not afford to have the magazine associated with it.

As negative as this post may seem, it is your golden opportunity. Just follow my recent motto: If everyone else is doing it, do something else. You will never get ahead being one of the sheep.

And if the message here isn’t already painfully clear it is this: Respect your brand. Show the world only that work that remains true to your message and image, and that which elevates the status of your brand. Invest in the time and expense to do it right.

Do that and you will shine brightly, head and heels above your competitors…. or you can follow the crowd, tell the world you don’t care about your brand and wonder whey they don’t care about you.

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