Lies About Photographers

The creative arts seems to gather to it more “lies” than any other business, with the possible exception of economics.  In the arts, we find many of the untruths created by critics who cannot act, paint, sculpt, write or take a photo… but somehow feel qualified to criticize those who can — and by those who don’t know enough to know how much they don’t know yet call themselves experts.

Two popular myths about photographers are:

That in an era of fully automatic digital cameras and iPhones, anybody can take a picture and a professional is no longer needed.

That a photographer can only photograph one style or subject matter and do it well.

Did anyone else notice the contradiction in the two myths?

Neither happen to be true.  A lot can go wrong during a photoshoot and only a professional can deal with the unexpected and still produce fantastic images.  Likewise, it takes years of experience to develop “an eye” for what makes a good picture for each particular circumstance.

As for only being able to photograph one thing, I’ve yet to meet a professional photographer where this is true.  We may become known for a certain style or genre, but our vision is limited only by our own decision to limit it.

I am currently best known for my fitness and fashion photography, as reading my blog reveals.  But I am also an extremely experienced and accomplished entertainment photographer, live performance photographer, and corporate event photographer.

The event photos below show some of the little details that many less experienced event photographers miss.

In the two images first shown, the untrained eye will miss the fact that the images as seen are not possible with a camera set on automatic.  The ambient light is too dim to register.  The flash would overpower the foreground and trail off to blackness.  Obtaining a correct exposure throughout the depth of the image required shooting on manual and adjusting all exposure and flash settings to fit the scene.  As an event is fast paced, there are no second chances.  A photographer has to know his craft and equipment so well that no time is wasted thinking what to do, it is intuitive.

Denver corporate event photographer

Denver event photography, the Exdo event center being set up for an event - copyright Mark Stout Photography

Denver photographer

Event photographed at the Exdo Event Center - Copyright Mark Stout Photography

A thousand little details come together to make a successful event.  The accomplished professional photographer knows this and doesn’t fail to capture these while not missing the main event itself.  The food photos below were taken while the event above was in progress and required off camera lighting to bring out the texture and detail in the appetizers and wine.

Food buffet photographed at a denver corporate event

Food buffest at an event at the Exdo Event Center, copyright Mark Stout Photography

Photography of appetizers at Exdo event center

Closeup photo of the appetizers served at an event - copyright Mark Stout Photography

photo by Mark stout

Wine and cheese photographed at corporate event - Copyright Mark Stout Photography

While the main action is on the stage, there is a whole world of magic happening in the audience at any event.  A seasoned professional photographer is so in tune with the entire environment that these special moments don’t slip by.  The photo below is one of my favorites.  The little boy found something much more entertaining than the presentation for the grownups and it was one of the client’s favorite memories of the event.  Capturing this photo required knowing exactly how to set the camera to capture the ambient light, and just how much fill flash to add to keep the child’s shirt from being completely black without destroying the impact of the moment by washing out the whole scene with the light from the flash.

A child with a computer at a corporate event

A child amuses himself with a computer during an event - Copyright Mark Stout Photography

I hope that I have illustrated the point that it takes a lot more than a camera to produce memorable, effective and beautiful photos and that it is possible for an accomplished photographer to photograph more than one subject well.

If you are looking for a Denver photographer, please visit my website.  I would love to capture the magic of your event.

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