Corporate Event Photographer

Photography is one of the tougher businesses to “make it” in, but the rewards are certainly worth it. In addition to the thrill of expressing my creativity, the people I meet are always solid gold. This is true whether I’m working a commercial fashion shoot, a workout routine, or a corporate event.

Tonight I photographed an event for the Denver Chamber of Commerce at the Wings Over the Rockies aircraft museum. I took fancy to the flight simulators and found I had no difficulty persuading guests to come over and pose for their pictures in the 727 and DC10 flight simulators.

This one is my favorite. Don’t they just look like a couple on a road trip… except in an airplane?

Corporate Event Photogapher

Denver Corporate Event Photography - copyright Mark Stout Photography

This one I call “The Denver Business Journal Takes Flight”.  The girl in the picture is Kelly Stangel, the Small Business Liaison for the Journal…

Denver Photographer

Denver Business Journal at Wings Over the Rockies

It didn’t take much work for me to persuade the woman in the photos below to leave the line for food and come to the cockpit to pose…

Denver Photographer

Corporate Event Photography - copyright Mark Stout

Woman in an airplane cockpit

Woman in a DC10 airplane cockpit - copyright Mark Stout Photography

As I said, my job is fun.  If you are looking for a corporate event photographer who can capture the essence of your event from both the traditional and unique perspectives, please contact me.

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