Denver Food Photography

Food photography seems to be the area of demand currently in Denver.  I have received more than a few requests to shoot food in the last few months.  While it “looks” easy, food is one of the more difficult subjects to shoot.  Great care must be taken with the lighting, styling and set to end up with food that looks both realistic and appetizing.  Not to mention the very short time span you have in which to get the shot before the food begins to look lifeless.  I generally solve this problem (as do most professional food photographers) by creating the set and using “stand ins” for the food.  When everything is perfect in the eyes of the client and art director, the real food is brought on.  Since the real food reflects light differently and is shaped slightly differently than the stand ins, more tweeking is usually needed, but the set up is close enough that it can be accomplished rapidly while the food is still fresh.

Here are a couple recent shots.  To see more of my food photography, click: Denver Food Photographer.

Denver Food Photography

Denver Colorado Food Photography - copyright Mark Stout Photography

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