The Value of Photography

Any photographer who has been around some length of time has listened to every ploy in the book to convince him his work is worthless, that is is “just a picture,” that “anyone can take a pictures” and “why do you charge so much, all you do is push a button,” or “I have a friend with a camera who will do it free” (then why are they calling you)… the list is endless.  Each of these are either a real failure on the part of the photographer to educate the client on the value of photography, or a deliberate effort on the part of the prospect to get something for a fraction of what it is worth.

A review of a political fundraiser in Connecticut where President Obama  made an appearance to help the Democratic candidates, had this to say: “Tickets to this swanky Connecticut fundraiser cost $1,000 per person.  $12,400 if you wanted a picture with the President.”   So even if it were true that all a photographer does is “push a button” each time the photographer did so the Democratic party raised an additional $11,400 for the campaign.

Think about that the next time you are bidding a job and someone is trying to low ball you.  What will the photos be used for?  How much revenue will the photos you take generate for them?

Indeed, if the images you created did not have this type of value to the client, they would use their friend with a camera instead of calling a professional.  The fact they are calling you should be your first clue that the prospect knows the value of good, professionally done photography.

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