Government Photographers

Seems more than a few government officials have become wannabe photographers.  And they make the worst Paparazzi slinking around in the bushes to get embarrassing, candid photos of celebrities look like a saint.  At least the Paparazzi stands by his camera…. whereas the government is busy disguising their cameras to look like street lamps, or claiming they are being used to monitor traffic flows, or protect us.

This could almost be believed were it not for some other factors evaluated at the same time.  There are currently over 30 million government surveillance cameras in the United States shooting 4 billion feet of footage of law abiding American citizens each week and the number is growing daily. Despite now routine monitoring of the every day actions and communications of normal, hard working American citizens to “protect us”, the same government refuses to stop known international terrorists from crossing the Mexican American border, or even police it well.  Protection from crime doesn’t even appear to be the objective.  Several months back, there were about a dozen bank robberies in Denver in the span of a couple of weeks.  While each of these was committed under the watchful eye of the cameras, the cameras did nothing to prevent the robbery spree from continuing.

And as the number or surveillance cameras soars, crackdowns on private citizens and professional photographers taking pictures in public grow proportionately.  Don’t make the mistake of taking a photo of a power plant or oil rig (I’ll tell you the stories someday).  Many examples of crackdowns on photography in public exist, the most jarring being in France (who also watches the movement of its citizens), when the passed a law making it a crime for anyone other than a journalist registered with the government to photograph a violent act occurring in public!

This brings to mind the Rodney King beatings and trials.  Without video shot by a citizen, this act of police brutality would have gone unnoticed.

We can’t afford to ignore this invasion of our privacy.  Many say if you are doing nothing wrong, you have nothing to worry about. This is true, unless, like in the case of Germany an entire segment of the population is targeted due to their beliefs or origin (the Jews).  And the cameras are just the first step.  Many photographers are now using image recognition software to scour the net looking for copyright violations.  The government is doing the same with the images captured in the cameras, instantly cross referencing them against FBI and Interpol databases, and when the program is put in, your national ID card (drivers license).

We are left with the questions of “Who is watching the watchers?” and “Who are they actually watching?”

Government Cameras

Government surveillance cameras on the rise - copyright Mark Stout

2 thoughts on “Government Photographers

  1. I’m really shocked that no one has commented on this yet. I’ve been aware of this since at least 2001, and was shocked when I realized what was going on, and have since conducted extensive research and written a few research papers on it.

    Here are some things that tie into us being spied upon. There are many other areas, but this is good for starters.

    Total Information Awareness (Renamed Terrorist Information Awareness…but don’t be fooled…it’s to spy on everyday law abiding citizens, and I still believe they have the database and just went black op. even though they supposedly shut it down.)

    Echelon (They spy on your email, Internet activity, phone conversations, etc. and keep it in a database.)

    Patriot Act (Major loss of freedom and privacy in the US)

    One World Government

    Agenda 21 (The plan is to take away your property and turn it back into a forest, wild land preserve and herd you into a small apartment in the city.)

    IP6 (This allows your every move on the Internet to be traced directly to your computer and location)

    Here is a good search engine since Google sells your Internet activity, and I believe most others do as well. Their activities are frightening…

    RFID (The plan is to micro-chip all humans, animals and products including every food item, etc. They will also be able to track many of these through the Satellites in the future if they aren’t already doing it.

    The Population Control Agenda

    GPS and cell phones – Allow you to be tracked, and the phone can also be turned on remotely to listen to your activities even when you had it turned off. (I have a Nikon D90 and will never enable the GPS function.)

    Here are some of my favorite websites… (Great talk radio about what is going on. You can also listen online, or download the broadcasts)

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