Cover Photo Shoot for Music CD

Last week I worked with Adrienne Osborn on a photoshoot for the cover of her new CD.  A considerable amount of time went into really listening to the music to get a feel for what it communicated.  Some songs seemed to suggest one direction, some another.  I kept coming back to her song, “One”.  Though different, it seemed to be the all embracing composition and message: that there is more than we can see or touch, an expansive universe, a power beyond the material world.

A location came to mind and once it did I couldn’t shake it. I thought Adrienne would think I was nuts when I told her we would be driving over 250 miles to the location…  She didn’t.

This video doesn’t class as a typical music video, or as one of the typical photo shoot in progress videos that have become popular.  It is an effort to show the journey to the CD cover photo, both in miles and in the evolution of thought. Please note, at this time we do not know which photo will be used for the cover, or the name of the CD.  Visit Adrienne’s site for updates, Spontaneous Thin Air Radio

This is set to the music of Adrienne’s song, One. A slide show of some of the photos from the shoot and a clean cut of One follow the main portion of the video.

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