America – 40th Anniversary Tour

I can’t think of a better way to spend the 4th of July weekend than backstage with the crew from America, or better still shooting the concert and able to listen to them while I work.  This makes the third time I have photographed America during one of their shows and each time it is a treat.

As an aside, it has occurred to me that back when I was 16 and driving around in my first car listening to Horse with No Name, Sandman and Ventura Highway that I never dared dream I would one day be on stage with the band photographing their concert…. or that it would seem so much a part of the fabric of what I do that I would not be bouncing off the walls with excitement.  It took one of the fans coming up to the stage after one of the shows and commenting on that to drive the point home that I am very lucky indeed.

I will put up more shots from the show and backstage when I have a moment.  Until then, here is one of my favorites from the shoot.  By the way, this is as shot… this is NOT a photoshop montage.

To see when America is going to be performing near you, go to:

And, yes Dewey, I do want to know the answer to that question:  Did you ever name that horse?

Gerry Beckley, America

Gerry Beckley, America 40th Anniversary Tour, Hudson Gardens - Copyright Mark Stout Photography

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