Happy Independence Day

I thought I would take a minute to post some snapshots taken in some of the mountain towns a few years back on the 4th of July.  And these are just snapshots taken on a day of fun, not my professional work.

I actually feel a bit sad this coming Independence Day.  It seems as a nation we have lost our way, forgotten what our forefathers fought for and have come to embrace the very forms of oppression we fought to become free of.   Taxation without representation was the cry.

Sound familiar?  I thought so.

I won’t get involved in the issues here, we all know them and have our positions on them.  And we all know things aren’t right.  But I do ask that you take a moment this Independence Day to reflect on what it was we fought for and why we fought for it…. and what will we do when it is gone?  There is no new land to run to.

Take a moment this Independence Day to write your elected officials and remind them who they work for.  YOU.  Come November, look at the REAL condition of your community, the economy, the nation (not the PR bulll).  If it has not improved, they are not doing their jobs.  It is THAT SIMPLE.  Don’t buy the excuses or the rhetoric… VOTE THEM OUT.

Have a great holiday.


Streets of Georgetown Colorado and Grand Lake Village Decorated for Independance Day - Copyright Mark Stout Photography

Creative 4th of July Decorations near Grand Lake Colorado - Copyright Mark Stout Photography

Uncle Sam doing what he does best, taking your money! (donations for the fireworks display) - Copyright Mark Stout Photography

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