Christmas in Denver

While photographing a concert at the Clocktower Caberet on Denver’s 16th St Mall I noticed what is probably the best of what Denver has to offer at Christmas… the live performances being played out on the street.

Someone had also placed a piano on either side of the street with signs on them reading “Keys in the City” and inviting people to sit down and play.   Each time I would step outside on a break someone else would be seated at the keyboard and were usually quite talented.  The young man in the picture below was one of the best I heard.  I asked him if he was part of a group and he told me he was a rapper.  I got him to do some rapping while playing classical piano and he pulled it off perfectly.  He agreed to have some pictures taken and I snapped some shots, then he and his friends went across the street to the other piano where I snapped this shot.

The image is special to me.  To me it is what Christmas is all about, the people who make this world worth living through the joy and creativity they express.  Don’t like the world we live in?  Try creating some joy, some beauty… and spread it widely.  Do not let those who seek to push life into the mud to feed from your power.  Life is what we make it and our fellows tend to be what we decide they are going to be.

Keys in the City, a young man plays the piano on Denver's 16th St Mall - copyright Mark Stout

Thank you to whoever put the pianos on the 16th St Mall… they have brought the real spirit of Christmas to life in Denver.

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