Photoshoot for Perfect Strangers CD Cover

On the photoshoot for Trisha Leone’s new CD cover, “Perfect Strangers” I decided to shoot a bit of video of the shoot in progress. This was one of the more fun shoots I’ve done since I got to listen to Trish sing while we were working. This shoot began with a discussion about the shoot, then I listened to her music so I could get the right feel for the CD cover. As the genre is Americana, we wanted a “down home” and “honest” feel to the photos. I spent a day location scouting and we discussed the locations and concepts. On the day of the shoot we began in Empire, Colorado, then worked our way to Georgetown and finally to the old and mostly deserted mining town, Silver Plume. This is where I think we got our most compelling shots. I’ll post some of them as we have time to get through them. Meanwhile, take a moment to visit Trish’s site and listen to some of her music!

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