Model portfolio shoot

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Just a quick post to share one of the shots from the model portfolio shoot for Stephen James with nxt|Models.  See more from this photoshoot by clicking the image or visiting my Lifestyle Photographer photo gallery.

Denver photographer

Model portfolio photoshoot, copyright Mark Stout

A different view

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A thing about creative people is that they are creative.  And that creativity expresses itself in many ways.  I had the honor of photographing a CD release party for Rating the Hate last night.  This is a shot of the lead singer until I can get through the rest of the shoot.  He is Chace Johnson, who has also been the model in several of my recent advertising shoots, including one that also went viral after it was launched.  And what made this unique was seeing how someone I have worked with expresses his creativity in a completely different outlet.

I spent over 10 years working in music and entertainment photography before moving into more commercial work and I still love it.   Here is the shot.  Will post more later.

music photographer

Rating the Hate CD Release party, copyright Mark Stout

Where I’d Rather Be

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I think reality could be defined as those things which we all agree exist… that none of us much care for.

Yet each of us has within us the ability to create our own world… and if we are good enough at it, those things quite often become reality.

It is in that spirit this new work was created.  “Where I’d Rather Be” of a young man in love  transported to a moment where things are just as he wishes.  It is currently available as a fine art print through Saatchi Art by clicking the image, or by contacting me directly..

fine art

Where I’d Rather Be, a fine art photo by Mark Stout, copyright 2015 Mark Stout, all rights reserved

The Prison of Desire

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While it may not be immediately apparent, it is often our own passions and desires that lead us into the prisons with which we find ourselves confined.  Ironically, the stronger the desire, the more formidable the walls of the trap.  At first glance this may seem untrue, but examine it.

“Prison of Desire” is a work conceived to encourage us to look as this aspect of our lives, and examine the premises by which we can convert our dreams and ambitions to reality… without becoming enslaved by them.

Provocative color portrait of a sensual young man in a prison. Limited edition fine art print in both black and white and color versions. High resolution and quality file can be printed at sizes up to 4 times listed dimensions. 50 copies will be sold.  It is currently available through Saatchi Art, and will also be available through my Private Collection website soon.

fine art photographer

Prison of Desire, fine art photography by Mark Stout, copyright Mark Stout, all rights reserved

Some new work with DJ Sean Ogrady

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Sean Ogrady is a DJ on the international circuit that I have worked with on several shoots over the last several years.  We got together for another shoot recently.  Here are a few of the shots from it.  More will be coming soon.  Some of the best is yet to come (more extensive post production, so it takes time).

Photography: Mark Stout

Hair: Ramon Carro

Clothing: Guise Brand (last photo)

Entertainment photographer

Promotional shoot for DJ Sean Ogrady, copyright Mark Stout all rights reserved

music photographer

DJ Sean Ogrady, copyright Mark Stout, all rights reserved.

commercial photographer

DJ Sean Ogrady, copyright Mark Stout, all rights reserved

Work featured in Contemporary Art Magazine

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I’m going to ramble for a bit here first…

I’ve been doing a bit of an about face in life as of late.  Realizing that many things are different than how I have perceived them to be.  One example is that I have never perceived myself as being famous.  But a singer I will be photographing in a week happened to tell me the reaction he got from the local paper when he told them “his photographer” (aka, me) was going to be there.  They definitely knew who I was.  I looked back at just how often that has happened.  In fact most any time I introduce myself to someone the response is “I’ve heard of you” or “I’ve seen your work.”  So perhaps I’m just a bit more famous than I thought.

The next deals with when I had to write the artist’s statement to go with this work at Saatchi Art.  What is wanted is the meaning, the motivation behind the work.  I always think there isn’t one, that I just wanted to create something beautiful and there was nothing more to it than that.  Working on it I realized just how deep the motivation runs, how passionate I am about my work, and how much it matters to me.  In fact, I am deeply offended by crappy photography that lacks such values.

So, here is the artist’s statement that goes with this work at Saatchi… the piece that was featured in Contemporary Art Magazine:

We live in different worlds. There is the world that we all share, and the world each of us holds to ourselves. It is our own personal world, one that we hold dear. We often protect it from the harsh realities and criticisms of the “real” world. This private world of the individual has always drawn me to it.

It is our dreams, ambitions, secret desires, and, yes, our fears. It is what we don’t let others see. It is ourselves. And that is the thing I always seek to bring forth and capture in my work.

This series is held together by one thread… how clearly you can see the world he is in during the moment is his own.

It was in writing this I realized how often, and in how many different situations I seek out that personal world of the subject, often with the subject completely unaware of that fact. An example of this was when I photographed Mario Domínguez beside his formula car, deep in thought, the evening before the Grand Prix race.  It was in that moment you could see all of the mental effort required to overcome the fear, doubt and anticipation of what was to occur on the track.  It was my favorite photo of the 5 day event.

The title of this work is “Moment Alone”

Mark Stout

Moment Alone, a fine art photo, copyright Mark Stout, All rights reserved

After… A new fine art photographic series on display with Saatchi Art

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Here are a couple of photos from a series I did entitled “After…”  I’ll let you fill in the ellipsis.  There are five variations in this series, each of which is being sold as a limited edition fine art print.  The posted size of the image is 20 x 13.5 but prints can easily be many times that size due to the high quality of the original file.  More information on the images and the meaning behind them is available at Saatchi.  Click the images to view them there.


fine art photographer

After… a fine art photo, copyright Mark Stout

fine art photographer

After… Black and White fine art photography, copyright Mark Stout


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