Wall Art, Corporate Decor – Denver Entertainment District At Night

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Denver stock photos

Denver 14th Street at night, copyright Mark Stout, all rights reserved

This is a view of the Denver Entertainment District at Night.  Fourteenth Street near the Performing Arts Center, the Colorado Convention Center.

It is one of the most beautiful streets in Denver, as is the photo.  As the slogan on Private Collection Stock Photos says, it is one of the photos you can’t get anywhere else.  There is a reason for that.  These are large, high quality images, photographed with high end cameras and lenses, available in 16 bit tif files suitable for large prints, wall decor, lobby decor and rights managed stock photos where it matters that the same image isn’t being used by your competitors.  They have been carefully inspected for any flaws, color corrected and exposure balanced.  They don’t belong in the stock photo libraries of today that simply dump every photo ever taken by anyone with a cell phone camera into them.

Please take a moment to browse the Denver Collection.  Click the image to get more information on licensing it.

Headshots and Environmental Portraits

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This is just some recent work I wanted to share.  I really hate trying to pigeon hole work into categories, but it could be called a lifestyle shoot, an environmental portrait, a book cover, an actress headshot or a model portfolio shoot…

You see what I mean?

Anyway, beautiful location, beautiful model and beautiful model.  And an added perk here is that almost as soon as the first of these photos were published, one of my clients wanted to book her for a shoot they need.  That is happening so often lately…

Denver photographer, copyright Mark Stout

Denver photographer, copyright Mark Stout

Denver Lobby Decor

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All of the new construction in Denver has its perks.  I’ve been getting a lot of requests from architectural firms and interior designers for corporate art featuring Denver.

I have a large collection of exclusive Denver stock photos that are perfect for the need.   They are exclusive, so you don’t have to worry about seeing your lobby decor in a cheesy ad that detracts from its value, and they are unique.

These can be found on my other website, Private Collection Stock Photos.  I had to move the site recently, so there are thousands of images I’ve not had time to upload yet.   Please ask if you don’t see what you need.  I probably have it.

LoDo Denver at night, a quaint city street.  Exclusive rights managed stock photo.  Copyright Mark Stout

LoDo Denver at night, a quaint city street. Exclusive rights managed stock photo. Copyright Mark Stout

Fine art photography selected for inclusion in curated collection at Saatchi Art

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It was such a pleasant surprise to be reading my email this morning and learn that one of my fine art photography pieces entitled “Where I would rather be” has been selected by Jessica McQueen, curator at Saatchi Art, to be included in a curated collection entitled “Surreal Photography – Limited Editions”.

It just feels good.  Along with that is the memory of how once I would look at the photographers who were winning the awards, getting in the galleries, working with the top clients and reps and it seemed like it was the kind of thing that happened to other people, not me.

And how I had to actually “grow” as a person.

Now this is a fairly common occurrence.  It still feels wonderful when it happens, but it is part of the daily routine now, and it feels like something I have earned…. and still every bit as good.

Click the image to view it at Saatchi Art.  To see the full collection it has been included in, click here.

Where I would rather be, fine art photography included in curated collection at Saatchi Art.  Copyright Mark Stout

Where I would rather be, fine art photography included in curated collection at Saatchi Art. Copyright Mark Stout

This work is also available as part of the same limited edition series on my Fine Art Photography website.

Agency shoot

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Quite often, particularly of late, I am finding that what begins as model portfolio shoots move quickly into assignments for the subject.  Work that I have done with Chace Johnson has drawn a considerable amount of attention and he was recently cast by an ad agency I work with for the action shots to be used in the catalog of an international uniform manufacturer.  I always love it when I see good things happen for the people I work with and I can help them get a bit more from it than was planned.

One of the things people notice about the work with him first is what an incredibly versatile model he is.  Currently some of the top modeling agencies in the world are looking his way.   I expect we will be seeing a lot of him soon.

Ad agency catalog shoot, copyright Mark Stout

Ad agency catalog shoot, copyright Mark Stout

Catalog photoshoot, copyright Mark Stout

Catalog photoshoot, copyright Mark Stout

Uniform photoshoot, copyright Mark Stout

Uniform photoshoot, copyright Mark Stout

Greg Lenz: Why I said “no” to the media

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Over my career, I have worked with more than one celebrity.  As a result I understand the situations they face.  As I noted earlier, I have been asked by major media to release photos that were taken for Greg Lenz’s modeling portfolio.

There is no problem with the photos, they are typical of what you would see on any modeling agency’s website.  But I do have a problem with the situation, a big one.  I’m not a fan of sensationalism.  And were I to release my photos, I would become a part of that which I object to.

There is also the matter of my integrity to my clients.  That comes first.
This is my letter to the publication.  It is my official and only statement on the matter:

“I have been giving this a lot of thought.  My reputation as a photographer is based on the trust I have with my clients.  That relationship comes first.  Due to his position as Jennifer Lawrence’s bodyguard, I feel that publicity or encouragement of of an sensationalism where he is concerned is not in his best interest.

For that reason, I will not be releasing rights on any images of Greg for publication.  If I was to do so, I would not be acting in the best interest of my client, and that comes first.

My official statement where Greg is concerned is that he is one of the nicest, most professional and trustworthy people I have ever had occasion to work with.  It is no small wonder that Jennifer Lawrence chose him to protect her (and it is unfortunate she had to do so).

Sorry that I can’t accommodate you more.

Mark Stout”

Now, let’s get back to the important things in life.

Greg Lenz: When your model becomes famous

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My day took an abrupt change in course when I received a phone message from a major news publication asking them to call me about a photo.  I did so, and discovered what they wanted was to interview me about the model in the photo… Greg Lenz, who is now the top trending topic on social media as he is Jennifer Lawrence’s “hunky” new bodyguard everyone is going nuts over.

I told the reporter that Greg Lenz is one of the most decent people you could hope to meet.  We did three or four professional photoshoots while he was with a modeling agency here in Denver. He was easy to work with, fun, and 100% professional at all times.  A very decent sort of guy.  I have always been fortunate in that those I draw to work with me tend to be the upper cut of society, and that is certainly true of Greg.

He is a great guy, someone you can trust and count on… and despite the sensationalism going on, I suspect that has more to do with Jennifer Lawrence’s decision to hire him as her bodyguard than his “hunkiness”.

I’m writing this post to put that on the record.  Also to state that ALL of my photos are  copyrighted, whether of Greg or anyone else and may not be used, reposted, downloaded or anything else without written permission.  I have listed them with a service to find violations. Be forewarned, Instagram and other social media outlets transfer ALL penalties for copyright violation to the person who posted the image.  Don’t do it!


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